Selling my property in Slovenia when living abroad


Planning to sell your home in Slovenia? Selling property in Slovenia can be a complex process, especially if you don’t have the right information from the beginning. But fear not, here at, we want to make the process of selling property in Slovenia as easy as possible so that you can get the deal done as quickly and easily as possible.

If you’ve moved to live abroad and want to sell your house or flat in Slovenia. If you never intend to stay in Slovenia house again, nor lease it out to anyone, there’s no reason to retain ownership of it. Selling a home you’re no longer going to use will be a great financial help thanks to the profit you’ll make from the sale.

sell real estate in Slovenia
sell real estate in Slovenia

Perhaps the most important decision you will make about selling your home in Slovenia is which Real estate agency you’ll appoint to help you. Because you might be living hundreds or thousands of miles away from Slovenia, it won’t be practical for you to fly back every time there’s a document that needs checking, or a legal problem arises that needs fixing regarding the home sale.

The benefits of doing this include the fact that the estate agent will be able to do all the necessary work of listing and holding viewings for your home, which is something that would be physically impossible for you to do from overseas. 

With Real estate catalog and customer base, our specialists will quickly match your property to potential buyers. Our goal is to source the right buyer that will enjoy your property in Italy as much as you do.
Therefore it is very important that documents for legal transactions in regard to real estate are prepared by a legal specialist. Entrust the drawing up of a contract toReal estete agency and you will avoid all hazards and risks connected with the sale of real estate and with its entry into land register.
The Land Register is owned and managed by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and keeps legal facts related to properties, such as mortgages, owners and easements.

Although you can sell a property by yourself in Slovenia, we highly recommend using an estate agent to help you. A real estate agent in Slovenia will make the selling process a lot easier for you and will look after everything, from marketing the property to negotiating with the buyer. Their knowledge and advice are often key to a successful sale, especially if you’ve never sold property in Slovenia before and don’t speak Slovene.