Logatec, real estate prices; land for construction, houses, apartments and business premises

Logatec is a small town in central Slovenia, located between Ljubljana and Postojna. There are several different types of properties for sale in and around Logatec, including land, houses, flats and commercial premises.

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The prices of real estate in Logatec vary depending on the type of real estate, its location, size and condition. To buy an apartment in Logatec, you will have to shell out from about €1,500/m2 onwards, while house prices vary between €150,000 and €500,000, depending on the size, condition and location.

Real estate agencies such as Bidom d.o.o. , are engaged in the sale of real estate in Logatec and its surroundings. In addition, there are also various websites, such as nepremicnine.net and bolha.com, which have advertisements for real estate in Logatec and other parts of Slovenia.

Logatec real estate

In recent years, the city has experienced development in the field of commercial real estate, as new business parks and business facilities have appeared in the city area. Various types of business premises are available, including industrial halls, warehouses, offices and commercial premises.

There are several large companies operating in Logatec that employ a large number of people. These employees need high-quality offices and other business premises, which represents an opportunity for the development of new business premises in Logatec. In addition, Logatec also has a well-developed transport infrastructure that facilitates access to the city, which is important for companies that want to operate in the region.

 If you are considering buying or renting business premises in Logatec, it is important to view several different business premises and check their condition and location. It is also recommended that you contact a real estate agent or a legal professional who can help you with the entire process of buying or renting business premises and verifying all the necessary documents.

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