In Slovenia, real estate agents, lawyers and surveyors are separate professions, each with their own distinct roles and responsibilities. A real estate agent in Slovenia primarily focuses on facilitating property transactions,  a lawyer will writte you a contract and register you as property owner in Land Registry, while a surveyor specializes in assessing and evaluating properties. 

Surveying service property value Slovenia

When it comes to surveyor services, a real estate agent in Slovenia typically collaborates with a licensed surveyor when necessary. Here is a general overview of how a real estate agent may work with a surveyor in Slovenia:

1. The purpose of valuation for bank loan, tax purpose, legal issues

The real estate agent first determines if a surveyor's services are required for a specific property transaction. This may be based on factors such as the complexity of the property, legal requirements, or client requests.

2. Engaging a Surveyor

If a surveyor is needed, the real estate agent contacts a licensed surveyor and discusses the requirements of the project. The real estate agent and surveyor may have an existing working relationship or find a suitable surveyor through referrals or professional networks.

3. Property Inspection

The surveyor conducts an on-site inspection of the property, examining various aspects such as land boundaries, structures, condition, and any other factors relevant to the assessment. This inspection helps the surveyor gather the necessary data for their evaluation.

4. Data Collection and AnalysisSurveying service property value Slovenia

The surveyor collects data during the property inspection and may also conduct research on relevant records, legal documents, and zoning regulations. They analyze this information to determine the property's characteristics, potential issues, and market value.

5. Report Preparation

Based on their findings, the surveyor prepares a comprehensive report detailing their assessment of the property. This report may include information about the property's boundaries, land area, structural integrity, potential risks, and other relevant details.

6. Collaboration with the Real Estate Agent

The surveyor shares the report with the real estate agent, who then incorporates this information into the overall property transaction process. The real estate agent uses the surveyor's evaluation to provide accurate and informed advice to their clients, negotiate terms, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Real estate agents services in determining the market value of properties in Slovenia

Real estate agents in Slovenia demonstrate their competence and compliance with legal requirements, ensuring that they are qualified to provide professional real estate services to clients, helping them with property transactions. Real estate agents in Slovenia play a crucial role in assisting property buyers and sellers by providing them with valuable information and guidance on market conditions and prices. Real estate agents use their knowledge of the local market and comparable sales to assess the value of properties. They consider factors such as location, property size, condition, amenities, and recent sales of similar properties to determine a fair market value for a property.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA is a report prepared by real estate agents that compares similar properties in the area to determine a property's estimated value. The CMA takes into account recently sold properties, active listings, and properties that are currently under contract. This analysis helps sellers understand the appropriate listing price for their property and provides buyers with insights into fair market prices.

Pricing Strategy:

Based on market analysis and property valuation, real estate agents assist sellers in determining the optimal listing price for their property. They consider the seller's goals, market conditions, and the property's unique features to develop a pricing strategy that attracts potential buyers while ensuring a fair return for the seller.


Real estate agents represent their clients during negotiations with buyers or sellers. They leverage their knowledge of the market and current prices to help their clients secure the best possible deal. They advise clients on pricing strategies, counteroffers, and other negotiation techniques to achieve favorable outcomes.

Market Updates

Real estate agents keep their clients informed about market updates, such as changes in property values, new listings, and recent sales. They provide market reports, updates on comparable properties, and other relevant information to help clients make informed decisions.

Real estate agents may engage surveyors for specific projects they are not typically licensed to perform surveyor services themselves - valuation of a property price or rent for legal or tax purpose.  The involvement of a licensed surveyor ensures that the evaluation of the property is conducted by a qualified professional with expertise in land surveying and property assessment.





With its location and modern infrastructure, Ljubljana provides an excellent living and working environment to its residents as dynamic, and well-connected urban city. Its location at the heart of Europe ensures optimal connectivity with other coutries no matter where you’re heading: Zagreb, Vienna, or Paris.  Airport is only 25 minutes away from the city center by bus. Ljubljana also manages to be a highly affordable place to live, comparing very favorably to other European capitals

Real-estate in Ljubljana - move 2  apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Ljubljana, Postojna, Cerknica 

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in a basin where the Ljubljanica river flows into the Sava. It has all the facilities of a modern capital, and yet it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. It is a vibrant city full of surprises. Its surrounding areas, packed with natural beauty and cultural sights bearing witness to the city's dynamic history, are renowned for their walking, hiking and cycle trails and a wide variety of culinary delights.

Move 2 your real estate in Ljubljana. Both residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city made to the measure of man. Ljubljana is classified as a mid-sized European city, but it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere while providing all the facilities of a modern capital. It is a very unique city dotted with pleasant picturesque places where you can expect all kinds of nice little surprises. During winter, its dreamy central European character prevails, and during summer its relaxed Mediterranean feel. Due to its geographical position, Ljubljana is a perfect base for exploring the many faces and beauties of Slovenia.


Find property for sale in Ljubljana and move 2 Slovenia. Ljubljana has preserved evidence of a five thousand year history including, among others, the remains of the Roman city of Emona and the old city centre with its medieval castle, Baroque façades, decorative portals and uneven roofs. Other significant bits of the city mosaic are picturesque bridges across the Ljubljanica river and the vast Tivoli park, which stretches into the very city centre. Ljubljana's present appearance is partly due to the Italian Baroque and partly to Art Nouveau, which found expression in numerous buildings constructed after the earthquake In the second half of the 20th century, it was the world famous architect Joze Plecnik that put an indelible personal stamp on his native Ljubljana. The city's appearance was further shaped by his students and a new wave of renowned young Slovenian architects.


real estate ljubljana
real estate ljubljana

Buy property in Slovenia move 2 Ljubljana. Ljubljana is divided in 5 “districts”: Bezigrad, Center, Moste-Polje, Siska and Vic-Rudnik. Ljubljana's character is mainly due to a unique and felicitous mixture of two very different but complementary features: on the one hand, the city is famed for its historical heritage and tradition, but on the other, it is a relatively young city with a modern lifestyle whose residents' average age is only slightly above 30.

Ljubljana is visited by numerous scientist attracted by the international reputation of its university, world renowned artists fascinated by its vibrant and creative spirit, businessmen attending business meetings and trade exhibitions, and international experts attracted by conferences held in the city.

Get your own real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Ljubljana. Ljubljana's surrounding areas, packed with natural beauty and cultural sights bearing witness to the city's dynamic history, are renowned for their walking, hiking and cycle trails and traditional culinary delights. Distances between places in Slovenia are short, which makes Ljubljana a perfect base for exploring the country's diverse beauty. Within a single day you can visit the Slovenian coast and high mountainous regions, and experience the Mediterranean, Alpine and continental climate.


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Buy to let, airbnb  investment opportunity in Slovenia
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A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an evaluation of similar, recently sold properties that are near a property intended to be bought or sold. Comparative market analyses establish the current market value and estimate of future returns of the home and are prepared by real estate agents.
A comparative market analysis is not the same as an offical appraisal, which is performed by a licensed appraiser.


If you own a property that you do not use yourself, how much income can you get by renting a property for rent or short-term submission to tourists - Airbnb, Booking, Facebook, HomeAway .. Current investment opportunities we are offering property for sale in Slovenia.