The real estate agent's timetable for selling real estate may vary depending on the specific circumstances, type of real estate, method of financing the purchase... The real estate agent can give you a more accurate estimate of the time frame for the sale of real estate adapted to your real estate.

The duration of selling an apartment through a real estate agency can vary depending on several factors, including market conditions, location, price, property condition, and the effectiveness of the agency. While it's challenging to provide an exact timeframe, five months is a general estimate that may be influenced by the following considerations:

1. Property preparation

Before listing the apartment, sellers may need to complete necessary repairs, staging, or renovations. The time required for these tasks can affect the overall duration.

2. Marketing and exposure

The real estate agency will typically create a marketing plan to promote the property to potential buyers. This includes listing the apartment on various platforms, conducting open houses, and reaching out to their network of buyers. The effectiveness of the agency's marketing efforts can impact the time it takes to attract potential buyers.

3. Market conditions:

The current state of the real estate market, including supply and demand dynamics, can affect how quickly a property sells. In a competitive market with high demand, the sale process may be expedited. Conversely, in a slower market, it might take longer to find a buyer.

4. Pricing strategy:

Setting the right price for the apartment is crucial. If the initial price is too high, it may deter potential buyers, resulting in a prolonged selling period. Adjusting the price strategically based on market feedback can help attract more interest and expedite the sale.

5. Negotiation and closing process

Once a potential buyer expresses interest, there may be negotiations on the price, terms, and conditions of the sale. This phase can introduce additional time to the overall process. After reaching an agreement, there will be a closing period involving paperwork, inspections, and legal procedures that can take several weeks.

It's important to note that the timeframe mentioned is a general estimate, and actual sale durations can vary significantly. Factors specific to the property and local market conditions will ultimately determine how quickly an apartment can be sold through a real estate agency.


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Logatec is a small town in central Slovenia, located between Ljubljana and Postojna. There are several different types of properties for sale in and around Logatec, including land, houses, flats and commercial premises.

Find your perfect property in Slovenia, search a wide range of properties with

The prices of real estate in Logatec vary depending on the type of real estate, its location, size and condition. To buy an apartment in Logatec, you will have to shell out from about €1,500/m2 onwards, while house prices vary between €150,000 and €500,000, depending on the size, condition and location.

Real estate agencies such as Bidom d.o.o. , are engaged in the sale of real estate in Logatec and its surroundings. In addition, there are also various websites, such as and, which have advertisements for real estate in Logatec and other parts of Slovenia.

Logatec real estate

In recent years, the city has experienced development in the field of commercial real estate, as new business parks and business facilities have appeared in the city area. Various types of business premises are available, including industrial halls, warehouses, offices and commercial premises.

There are several large companies operating in Logatec that employ a large number of people. These employees need high-quality offices and other business premises, which represents an opportunity for the development of new business premises in Logatec. In addition, Logatec also has a well-developed transport infrastructure that facilitates access to the city, which is important for companies that want to operate in the region.

 If you are considering buying or renting business premises in Logatec, it is important to view several different business premises and check their condition and location. It is also recommended that you contact a real estate agent or a legal professional who can help you with the entire process of buying or renting business premises and verifying all the necessary documents.

In the real estate agency Bidom d.o.o. real estate, we understand that selling a property can be a difficult and stressful decision, so we want to offer you a free consultation.


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Planning to sell your home in Slovenia? Selling property in Slovenia can be a complex process, especially if you don’t have the right information from the beginning. But fear not, here at, we want to make the process of selling property in Slovenia as easy as possible so that you can get the deal done as quickly and easily as possible.

If you’ve moved to live abroad and want to sell your house or flat in Slovenia. If you never intend to stay in Slovenia house again, nor lease it out to anyone, there’s no reason to retain ownership of it. Selling a home you’re no longer going to use will be a great financial help thanks to the profit you’ll make from the sale.

sell real estate in Slovenia
sell real estate in Slovenia

Perhaps the most important decision you will make about selling your home in Slovenia is which Real estate agency you’ll appoint to help you. Because you might be living hundreds or thousands of miles away from Slovenia, it won’t be practical for you to fly back every time there’s a document that needs checking, or a legal problem arises that needs fixing regarding the home sale.

The benefits of doing this include the fact that the estate agent will be able to do all the necessary work of listing and holding viewings for your home, which is something that would be physically impossible for you to do from overseas. 

With Real estate catalog and customer base, our specialists will quickly match your property to potential buyers. Our goal is to source the right buyer that will enjoy your property in Italy as much as you do.
Therefore it is very important that documents for legal transactions in regard to real estate are prepared by a legal specialist. Entrust the drawing up of a contract toReal estete agency and you will avoid all hazards and risks connected with the sale of real estate and with its entry into land register.
The Land Register is owned and managed by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and keeps legal facts related to properties, such as mortgages, owners and easements.

Although you can sell a property by yourself in Slovenia, we highly recommend using an estate agent to help you. A real estate agent in Slovenia will make the selling process a lot easier for you and will look after everything, from marketing the property to negotiating with the buyer. Their knowledge and advice are often key to a successful sale, especially if you've never sold property in Slovenia before and don't speak Slovene.


Usually on the basis of inheritance, more persons and relatives become co-owners of the property.  Often, the co-owner community causes disputes or poor relationships between co-owners. Several successive succession proceedings result a fragmentation of joint ownership.

After the inheritance is completed, there are often several persons co-owners of the property in Slovenia

The co-owners can sell their real estate, which is entered in the land register by the co-ownership shares in the market. Buyers are ready to pay the market price for the property on which they will be able to subscribe as owners as a whole (1/1). Rarely are buyers interested in buying a single stake. In selling an individual co-ownership interest, it only has to comply with the provision of the Code of Law, which stipulates that co-owners have a pre-emptive right to sell a co-ownership interest in a property. The co-owner, before selling the co-ownership stake to a third party, must offer it to the co-owners under the same conditions. If they do not want to buy the stake, they can sell it to a third party.

co-owners of the property in Slovenia
co-owners of the property in Slovenia




Generating positive buyers interest in your property is key to successfully selling it for the best possible price. It’s all about attracting the attention of buyers and showing them your property at its best.

Value  of your property

Find out what your home is worth with a market valuation. You must remember that there is no guarantee your home will sell for the full asking price, so it’s important to consider the local market conditions along with your expectations. Choosing the right price listing price based on the current market conditions is very important.

Value property
Residential and commercial Real estate in Slovenia catalogue

As well as marketing your property, the estate agent will arrange and conduct the viewings. Most buyers will want to view a suitable property at least a couple of times before making a decision and during this process an agent can ensure all of the right information is shared to help them with their decision. Local agents know their towns better than anyone else.

First impressions are shown to be very hard to change

Remember first impressions count, so minimise any clutter, viewers need to be able to imagine the house with their personal belongings and furniture and this is easier if the rooms are clear and clean.Small i mprovements or repairs can make the difference between a potential buyer seeing it as their new home or seeing ‘lots of work’ to be done.

Wait for offers

When a potential buyer makes an offer, the estate agent will take on the role of managing the negotiations and if needs be encouraging buyers to increase their offers to a price you are willing to accept.

The majority of dealings with your estate agent - and the work they do on your behalf - will take place once your buyer has been found.Progressing the sale from offer to completion is often the longest and most intricate part of the process, and can be the most stressful if it is not handled properly.


At the point of exchanging contracts you become legally committed to the sale, as does your purchaser.. A completion date is agreed between you and your buyer, for for payment and handover of keys. You now need to start planning your move.

You can rely on us to put your property in Slovenia in front of a huge audience of people looking for a property just like yours. With the right marketing in the right places, we will get your property sold quickly and for the best possible price.

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Dreaming of a settling in city apartment in Ljubljana?

Our guide to buying property in Slovenia explains how to make those dreams come true, from the legal requirements to the pitfalls to avoid. For purchase property you can hire a realtor in Slovenia to help you. There is a national registry of real estate agent, realtors and they need a licence to perform real estate trading services.

Slovenia entered EU in 2004, EU citizens may buy properties or real estates in Slovenia without restrictions. Members of the EU are allowed to purchase properties under the same conditions as Slovenian citizens.
Foreigners can buy property in Slovenia depending on what nationality is the buyer who wants to buy a property in Slovenia:

  • Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway were granted the right to purchase properties without restrictions in the European Economic Areas Agreement
    US citizens may purchase without restrictions due to the Treaty on Trade and Navigation
  • Switzerland may purchase real estate only if the buyers possess a valid Permit C, or permanent settlement permit.
  • EU candidate countries may submit an application to the Ministry of Justice to request permission to purchase property in Slovenia
  • Other countries may acquire property in Slovenia only if they have a business registered in Slovenia, obtain Slovenian citizenship through marriage, or obtain property through inheritance, provided the condition of reciprocity is met.

We can help you find suitable property, apartment or house for you to buy or rent.

When you have found the property you wish to buy you will need to have your passport; your realtor will then apply for a tax number for you as well as an EMSO number, both of which are required to complete a real estate transaction. This should only take around a week to come through. It is also wise to open a bank account in Slovenia, this will enable you to pay all your local bills and costs easily when you’re out of the country.

Slovenia was badly affected by the global financial crisis and resulting property market crash, with house prices dropping by as much as 30%. Nearly a decade on, there are signs that the recovery is finally underway, with indices showing year-on-year price increases in major cities and resorts, and an overall national rise of 2017 in 2018.
Transaction numbers are increasing too, with data from the National Institute of Statistics. Home ownership levels are high in Spain, with around 80% of residents owning their own home, and many doing so outright, without a mortgage.

 Realtor to Assist in Property

Realtor to Assist in Property in Slovenia purchase or sale


 If you own a house or apartment available for renting, you can generate income and in some cases, end up with positive cash flow after all those expenses are paid for.

Our aim is to help you find opportinuties for your property rental. Inspection of the property and review the Slovenian Land Register entries and the databases of the Surveying and Mapping Authority Republic Slovenia. Signing a brokerage contract to find buyers for your property.Managing negotiations for legal transactions and drafting sales or rent contract to harmonize the will of the contracting parties

We are fully operational in the business of buying and selling houses, apartments and villas, which can be of good use for national or foreign investors who are looking for security, profitability and liquidity through Real Estate investment. 

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Our portfolio of apartments, flats, houses, villas, lofts, studios and penthouses is located in the best enclaves of Madrid city such as Arganzuela, Barajas, Carabanchel, Centro, Chamartin Chamberí, Ciudad Lineal, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Hortaleza, Latina, Moncloa-Aravaca, Moratalaz, Puente de Vallecas, Retiro, Barrio de Salamanca, San Blas, Tetuán, Usera, Vicálvaro, Villa de Vallecas and Villaverde.

If you own a property that you do not use yourself, how much income can you get by renting a property for rent or short-term submission to tourists - Airbnb, Booking, Facebook, HomeAway ..




"It's important location, location, and once again location." The most commonly heard advice when buying a property.

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions that gives direction to our lives. When investing in real estate, especially in today’s market, learn as much as possible about the local real estate market before finalizing your investment decisions.

Every day I will open the same door, watch the hills from the same balcony and listen to the cry and the scream of the neighbors' children.

Almost every day, we will walk  to work or drive 100 kilometers. The mother in law will cook in the next room or it will be at the distance of two municipalities ...

Between a good and a bad location is the difference in the quality of the living that the user of the property feels and is reflected in the value of the property price.

Real estate location

What factors affect our perception of the location of the property:

Environmental factors

The beauty of the landscape, vegetable garden, flower bed always beautifies our lives, the proximity of mountains, the lake, the sea always fascinates us. The beautiful viewpoint on the southern slope can not be compared with the damp and shadowy position of the northern slopes.

Economic conditions in the region and traffic connections

In a worse location, it often leads to a poorer connection and a greater distance to the economic center. Normally we measure costs such as the cost of time spent, gasoline .... The favorable economic conditions increase the opportunities for employment and the related immigration of workers.

"Patterns pull" and hurds instinct

In the nature of people, they want to belong to the community, so the decisions of individuals within the community are often very similar. Near the school, kindergarten, church, health center, main administrative and state institutions, it facilitates day-to-day tasks.

Emissions and threats

Flood hazard, earthquake hazards, stench of waste and industry ... environments with significant adverse effects have a negative impact on the situation of the residence and the related price of real estate in the surrounding area.

Individuals can perceive different locations completely differently, depending on their interests.

An entrepreneur who deals with transportation and storage and would like to build a business facility - a warehouse will select a location that is easily accessible from the highway and / or rail tracks.

For grocery shops, fast-food restaurants, the proximity of densely populated houses or apartment blocks is very important, visibility from the road, convenient access and parking.

We look completely different to the location of the weekend by the sea, where the distance from the coast and sunny position is the main factor affecting the value of the property.

We can conclude that the location of the property, housing, house has a significant impact on the quality of life. Where people feel good, they love to live there and prices and real estate values ​​are higher.


Getting your property seen by as many of the right potential buyers as possible is key to a successful real estate sale. We will showcase your property to its best advantage on our website. In addition, as the majority of foreign buyers in Slovenia come from other European countries, we target our advertising to this market.

Real estate agency Slovenia
Real estate agency Slovenia

When you entrust your property to us, we  we will ask to see your paperwork, to check that you have everything in place prior to marketing your property. If we see anything that is not correct, we will advise you on what you need to do. Failing to ensure that all of your paperwork is up to date and correct is the number one reason for sales to fall through. 

What can we do to make the property sell fast?

It is important for the person selling a home to have recent sales experience and success at selling homes in the area. A real estate agent that is organized and likes to work with attention to detail is the one that is most likely to sell a home. he key to making your property as desirable as possible to a potential buyer is to make attractiv for the buyer. You have to make it possible for a potential buyer to imagine themselves in your place. With the right marketing in the right places, we will get your property sold quickly and for the best possible price.

Entrust your property to a local real estate agency  in Slovenia.



Move 2 Slovenia, buy real-estate  apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Postojna, Cerknica or Logatec.

Postojna lies at the north end of the Pivka River valley and due to convenient transportation routes and its location between Ljubljana, Trieste, Gorizia, and Rijeka has long been the administrative and economic center of the Notranjsko-kraska region. Postojna and the surrounding area were settled in the oldest periods of human history. Archeological finds from Predjama, Postojna Cave, and Betalov spodmol bear witness to the earliest inhabitants of the region. The oldest objects found are from the Paleolithic period, and others come from younger periods (Neolithic, the Bronze Age, and Iron Age). The city itself first developed along the foot of the Sovic hill and later - mainly after the construction of the railway - spread around the edge of the basin. First mentioned in historic sources in 1226, Postojna was elevated to a borough in 1432. With further development, again mainly after the construction of the railway and the discovery of the inner parts of Postojna Cave, the town acquired city status in 1909.

Postojna real estate
Postojna real estate

Find property for sale in Postojna and move 2 Slovenia. Today, Postojna is a modern, clean, and friendly city. It acquired the stamp of a tourist city primarily from the world-famous Postojna Cave, as well as smaller caves in the area such as Otoska jama, Pivka jama, and Crna jama. Only ten kilometers from Postojna, the astonishing Predjama Castle perches in the middle of a high cliff, exciting the imagination with well-known legends about the medieval robber baron Erazem Predjamski and the siege of the castle that ended with his gruesome death as a result of a servant's treachery.

Postojna and its surrounding offer visitors many points of interest to enjoy, particularly their unique natural phenomena and cultural and historical monuments. The undulating terrain of the area is ideal for jogging, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and collecting wild mushrooms and other fruits of the forest. The nearby peaks of Nanos, Sv. Lovrenc, Javornik, and other mountains invite also the more experienced climbers to test their skills. Numerous events also give the city a tourist pulse. Get your own real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Postojna.